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  • Term Loans

    A Term loan is a credit facility legally committed to a borrower for a specified amount, tenor and rate to finance specific transactions, capital projects or a customer's expansion programme with pre-agreed repayments schedules. Century Investment provides its corporate customers with competitive rates and terms on term loans.

    Overdraft Facilities

    An Overdraft Facility is a line of credit which allows a customer write cheques for more than the actual balance on the customer's account with a finance charge on the excess. Simply put, it is an open credit, which can be used repeatedly until the balance on the account reaches a pre-arranged limit with a specific repayment date, usually one year.


    A Lease Finance is fundamentally a business arrangement where the owner of an asset (lessor) allows another person (lessee) to have possession and use the asset for a consideration (rental). The rentals are fixed payments made on stipulated dates.

    Century Investment's Lease Facility enables businesses obtain specific type of assets such as plant and machinery, vehicles and computers etc while enjoying significant cash flow advantages derivable from the structure of the lease transaction which is usually customer tailored.

    Invoice Discounting

    Century Investment's Invoice Discounting gives the customer the benefit of enjoying immediate cashflows from account receivables while still retaining sales accounting and credit control functions.

    Invoice Discounting involves a continuous arrangement between the bank and the seller of goods or services on credit, whereby the bank purchases account receivables for immediate cash.

    Invoice Discounting is undertaken either on a confidential basis or on disclosed basis. Under the confidential basis, no notice of the bank's interest in the debt is given to the debtor. Under the disclosed basis, a notification is given to the debtor of the assignment of the debts to the bank.

    Revolving Credit Facilities

    A Revolving Credit Facility is usually structured as short-term facility where the customer repays each drawing by a fixed period of time, usually from 30 to 180 days. The customer may re-borrow sums as needed up to the limit of the facility.

    This facility is usually for companies in stable industries with strong financial planning systems and is usually used for financing a company's permanent working capital. The facility tenor usually may not exceed 3 years.

  • In The Spotlight

    Fintech is changing the way businesses and consumers approach financial services. We have an in-depth expertise in fintech gained through extensive experience working with our clients in this space. We focus our connections, our Investment, regulatory and compliance insight and our payment solutions to help fintech and commerce companies succeed.

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