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  • About

  • We are the bank of the innovation economy

    Every day, innovative businesses strive to bring about the next big thing. From technology to healthcare, from San
    Jose to Shanghai, our clients define what comes next. At CENTURYBank, we support the businesses that invent
    the future. Everything we do helps innovators, enterprises and investors move bold ideas forward, fast.

  • We focus on specific industries: Hardware & infrastructure, Software & internet, Life science & healthcare, Energy & resource innovation, Private equity & venture capital, Premium wine
    In innovation centers around the world
    To make a real impact for clients, including 50% of all U.S. venture capital-backed tech and life science companies. 47% of U.S. tech and life science companies with an IPO in 2015
  • Brand Story

    Make Next Happen Now

    Our mission is clear: We strive to increase our clients’ probability of success. Our expertise in innovative industries and dedication to our clients help us give them what they need, when they need it—from credit and cash management to international Investment services.

    Welcome to Century Bank

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    Living Our Values

    Preparing students for the tech workforce of the future. Partnering on diversity initiatives in the innovation sector. Amplifying our clients’ voices in government. Through our own programs and partnerships with other organizations, we help create the conditions for innovation to thrive.

  • Leadership

    Supporting Innovation Is In Our DNA

    With deep subject-matter expertise developed over years of working with innovators in the technology and life science sectors, our leadership team built a business strategy to help our clients make next happen now.

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  • DNA

    We Commit to High-performing Teams

    For more than a decade, Century Bank has been co-title sponsor of Team TIBCO-Century Bank, the longest running professional women’s cycling team in North America. The goal of the team is to help aspiring female cyclists achieve the top echelon of their growing international sport. The team’s riders have included Olympic, World and National Champion cyclists, and they hail from many continents.


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