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    We offer a total value package, with customized services designed to suit your individual requirements. Our products and services are tailored to make everyday online easier for you. CIB provides a secure way to manage your finances at your convenience, wherever and whenever you choose.

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    Personal Accounts

    Personal Investment a secure way to manage your finances at your convenience, wherever and whenever you choose.

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    Personal Loans

    We offer a variety of loans that can be creatively structured to meet just about any need.

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    Wealth Management

    We offer premium investment and wealth management programs and services for high net worth clients.

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  • Watch this video featuring Jessica Green, co-founder and CTO of Phylagen, explaining the benefits of startup Investment with a partner who can expand your world.

    Created with you in mind.

    Online Investment is a secure way to access your account details and investment portfolios. Our Private platform is protected by the highest level of security – 128 bit encryption – we are committed to safeguarding your details at the highest level from any unauthorised access. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Private online is a secure internet Investment service which enables you to: .

    • View a detailed asset breakdown of bank accounts and investment portfolios
    • View transaction information updated regularly throughout the day
    • Arrange regular payments and money transfers anywhere around the world
    • Set up, change or cancel standing orders and view or cancel direct debits
    • Communicate secure mail messages with your private banker
  • In The Spotlight

    Fintech is changing the way businesses and consumers approach financial services. We have an in-depth expertise in fintech gained through extensive experience working with our clients in this space. We focus our connections, our Investment, regulatory and compliance insight and our payment solutions to help fintech and commerce companies succeed.

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