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    Strong growth. It’s what every company strives for. But it comes with its own challenges. Century Bank can help you make the most of your growth trajectory with solutions for managing cash flow and insights to identify new business opportunities.

    A Partner for the Long Run

    If you’re looking for an experienced, committed partner with the scale and determination to take you from a small business to a large corporation, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll advise you on which financial services make sense for you now, and when it’s time to move up to our next-stage solutions.

    Top-level Expertise Is Just a Phone Call Away

    Your Century Investment senior banker is your point of access for everything we offer.

  • Solutions that Grow with You

    Capital Strategies and Solutions

    Looking to protect your company’s equity and raise capital to execute your strategy? CIB offers debt and equity solutions that help you gain the greatest competitive advantage.

    Financial Services

    Lean, fast-moving companies like yours need to stay on top of day-to-day cash flow, whether domestic or international. Count on us to recommend workable financial solutions that will free up cash, save time and minimize risk from fraud. And if you’re looking globally, we can connect you with our full-service branch in the U.K. and CIB teams with expertise in cross-border business in China.

    Proprietary Insights

    Want to identify high-potential merger or acquisition targets before your competitors do? Trying to value your company’s common stock? Need help navigating complex M&A reporting rules? Rely on our specialized services for guidance.

    Industry Connections

    When you work with us, you’re part of a community. We help you make meaningful, relevant connections with successful peers who you may not have had an opportunity to meet.

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    Be a Confident Decision-maker

    Make next happen now.

    Jessica Green, co-founder and CTO of Phylagen, and Joshua Hoffman, CEO of Zymergen explore the difference between startup and corporate decision-making.

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  • In The Spotlight

    Fintech is changing the way businesses and consumers approach financial services. We have an in-depth expertise in fintech gained through extensive experience working with our clients in this space. We focus our connections, our Investment, regulatory and compliance insight and our payment solutions to help fintech and commerce companies succeed.

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    See how Century Investment makes next happen now for entrepreneurs like you.

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