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    The Commercial Investment division focuses on serving all non-institutional clients within the value chain of the Banks large, corporate customers. This is achieved through the distribution of both commercial and retail offerings as well as other structured local and foreign organizations with turn over in excess of 500 million US Dollar.

    The current divisional structure has seen the retail Investment business being brought to the limelight to play significant in the volume of business captured under the value chain model. The structure recognizes the importance of Investment the individuals and small businesses.

    The Commercial Investment business is built around transparency and accountability, maintaining sound management practices of equal opportunity, fairness and discipline. These values can be seen in the conduct of the division’s relationship teams and the overall quality of our service delivery.

    Our divisions and target markets include:

    • Dollar Derivative facility
    • Bills For Collection
    • Vechile Fleet Finance
    • Point of Sale (POS)
    • Mpower Salary
    • Cash Management
    • Vechile Fleet Finance
    • Real Estate Investment Trust Scheme
    • Collaterised Mortgage Obligations
    • Dollar Derivative Facility
    • Bill For Collection
    • Vechile Fleet Finance
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